How much can I save shopping online yacht auctions?

The short answer is that yacht auctions commonly liquidate yachts (depending on what the lender concedes to) for around a 50-75% under market value. . You've probably heard claims like that before but the reality is that this year we're seeing banks and credit unions let go of their "non-performing yachts" at alarming prices...

Then and Now:

" In 1998, new cruisers sold for an average of $254,365 each. By 2002 that number had jumped to $367,505, and in 2008 buyers were paying an average of $465,826 per vessel!

While those folks were stroking checks for about $465,826 for that new yacht in 2008, yacht auctions were delivering an average of $240,580 for model years 2000 and later...

So, for model years 2000 through 2007, cruisers measuring 30 feet in length or more were sold for an average savings of 47.7% off of the current appraised value of the boat during online auctions in 2008."

The crazy thing is that in 2010-2011 Yachts are being liquidated for as high as 50-75%! and we should see more of that in 2012." - Boat Auctions Direct

And How Can I find online yacht auctions?

Search engines can find you the most popular yacht auction houses. However, because of the constant flow of traffic, bids often push up or beyond market value.

Most of the savings come from boat auction houses that may or may not have a site indexed in the major search engines. And if they are indexed they could be on page 15! And that's a rather time consuming proposition. In addition...

Many hot auctions quietly come and go but nobody finds out because the auction site is buried on page 15! Unless you can spare an hour a day to keep up with all the different auction sites in your region you'll miss opportunities. I've been bargain hunting boats, RV's and ATV's for 8 years and can tell you it's nearly impossible to keep up with sales without help.

You'll be be a lot smarter than the average bargain hunter by using this little known boat and Yacht auction resource that aggregates all the best marine auction sites under one roof.

These guys categorize only yacht and marine related auctions for members to take advantage of while everyone else is left scratchin' their head...

Get quick access to the very best boat and yacht auction houses from California to Florida here:

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Yacht Auctions

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